Your choice of mate can make or break your career

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“Your husband, wife, or sweetheart probably doesn’t come to work with you every day,” says Brittany Solomon. “But his or her influence clearly does.”

Solomon, a Ph.D. candidate in psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, recently led a study analyzing the careers and personalities of about 5,000 married people, aged 19 to 89, over a five-year period. About 75% were in two-career couples.

The conclusion: Employees of both sexes who scored highest on three measures of occupational success—salary increases, promotions, and job satisfaction—all went home at night to mates with the personality type known as “conscientious.” These are people who are reliable, consistent, detail-oriented, and organized. The study, “The Long Reach of One’s Spouse: Spousal Personality Influences Occupational Success,” will be published in a forthcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science.

Note to singles: If you’re aiming high at work, you might want to settle down with someone…

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6 Facebook Statuses That Need To Stop Right Now

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1. The Cliff Hanger

“Ugh”, “FML”, “Days like these make me so depressed”

You obviously want people to ask what’s going on. About 5% of your Facebook friends will die from curiosity and cave in to ask what’s up, but the other 95% of us know you’re being intentionally vague for attention. It’s annoying. Stop.

2. The Shocker

“Going to the ER”, “Totaled my car”

If you’re going to the hospital or you have just been in an accident of some sort, you probably shouldn’t be making a status about it. This is not an appropriate way to tell your friends and family about something bad. If you’re well enough to post on fb, you can make a phone call.

3. The Private Message

“Omg I know you have your phone on you, bitches need to text back damn”, “Smh why do people have to talk about me behind…

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Bill Gates And Tim Cook Dump Ice On Their Heads For ALS Awareness, Challenge Elon Musk and Dr. Dre

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Robin Williams dead at 63

This goes to show, you never really know what someone is battling!

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Christy Mack posts disturbing photos from alleged War Machine assault


Christy Mack, the on-again/off-again girlfriend of War Machine, today posted some disturbing photos and details from the former Bellator and UFC fighter’s alleged assault on her.

Mack also issued a statement regarding the oft-troubled fighter, who’s been on the run since the alleged Aug. 8 incident.

According to Mack, War Machine (whom she refers to as Jon Koppenhaver, his name before he legally changed it) entered her Las Vegas home and forced her to strip, badly beat her, broke multiple bones and stabbed her.

“I have no recollection of how many times I was hit,” she wrote. “I just know my injuries that resulted from my beating.”

She posted photos from the alleged assault, which has left her badly bruised and swollen.

The full text of her statement reads (transcribed…

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10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be

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Alex DramAlex Dram

1. You ascribe intent.

Another driver cut you off. Your friend never texted you back. Your co-worker went to lunch without you. Everyone can find a reason to be offended on a steady basis. So what caused you to be offended? You assigned bad intent to these otherwise innocuous actions. You took it as a personal affront, a slap in the face.

Happy people do not do this. They don’t take things personally. They don’t ascribe intent to the unintentional actions of others.

2. You’re the star of your own movie.

It is little wonder that you believe the world revolves around you. After all, you have been at the very center of every experience you have ever had.

You are the star of your own movie. You wrote the script. You know how you want it to unfold. You even know how you want it to end.

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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Expecting First Child Together — Report

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Hollywood Life

Is there a baby on the way for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes? A new report claims that after three years of dating, the couple are pregnant with their first child. Exciting!

Ryan Gosling, 33, and Eva Mendes, 40, played parents together when they co-starred in The Place Beyond The Pines — and now it seems they’re going to be parents in real life! A new report suggests that Eva is already 7 months pregnant with her first child. Congrats!

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