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Practice what you Preach!

Ever read or hear something that you back fully, and you’re ready to hop on that wagon and follow that business/brand anywhere because what they had to say resonated with you so much you were immediately impressed and wanted to … Continue reading

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The Social Media Evolution

Who watched the Presidential debate on Wednesday? Let’s hope there’s a few yes’ (we can only hope…hehe). If you know anything about Twitter you would have seen a Twitter handle for President Obama on the screen, Governor Romney, and every … Continue reading

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Billy Dec Facebook

The kickoff starts today with Social Media Week Chicago, and what better way to start off the week than an event at Rockit Bar & Grill in Chicago. Thanks to Billy Dec (CEO of Rockit Ranch Productions) I’m now able to attend the event.  I had forgotten to RSVP to the event when I created my Social Media Week calendar, and sent him a tweet to see if I could get in last minute. He quickly responded on whom to email & RSVP to, and I received the email today letting me know I’m on the list for this evening! 


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Social Media Week is Coming Fast…

So, who has heard of Social Media Week???? Anyone? Well, I hope some of you have and will be attending some of the free events that are almost completely filled up. The event is happening: SEPTEMBER 24-28, 2012 and has everything … Continue reading

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Chicago TechWeek is here- will you be making an appearance?

The exciting week is finally here for anyone interested in the Digital/tech/media world: TechWeek! Are you asking yourself what is TechWeek? No worries, the definition verbatim from TechWeek’s site is: ” where over 10,000 people explore a 4-day innovation conference & … Continue reading

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Pinterest…what value does it bring to your business?

Behold the digital billboard Pinterest- are you using it? If you are is it just for personal reasons, such as you want to learn a few more recipes or find out where to get that hot yellow sun dress for … Continue reading

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Sharing your news more effectively on Social Networking

We use online in many ways.  We use social networking in a million ways.  Out of all those ways,  the number 1 way people use online and social networking is for information.  Our culture loves news, even the same people … Continue reading

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