Bill Gates lists his 5 favorite books of 2014

Looks like there are a few additions to the book list this year…..


In between running one of the world’s largest charitable agencies and acting as Microsoft’s technology advisor, Bill Gates manages to find a significant chunk of time to read books, both long and short.

Now Gates — who has been labeled a voracious reader — has released a list of his favorite books of the year. Not all of them were released in 2014; some were published in past years, and one is still unreleased. All of the books, though, are standout reads, according to the billionaire techie.

Most are focused on business and the economy. While that wasn’t necessarily intentional, “that’s fitting in a year when Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ put a big spotlight on inequality,” Gates wrote on his blog.

Here are Bill’s top five picks for 2014 (with extracts from his full review of each book).

1. “Business Adventures,” by John Brooks

Brooks’ collection…

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