The Social Media Evolution

Who watched the Presidential debate on Wednesday? Let’s hope there’s a few yes’ (we can only hope…hehe). If you know anything about Twitter you would have seen a Twitter handle for President Obama on the screen, Governor Romney, and every station that televised it LIVE along with various hashtags (#) to stream the specific conversation about the debate. This is just one of the many ways Twitter is being used along as a marketing channel, celebrities venting, and even helping to find careers for scholars.

The last one is the pertinent item that Sue Koch of Soaring Solutions discussed in her guest speaking lecture for JD Gershbein’s (the King of LinkedIn) Social Media class at IIT this past Tuesday. Sue explained to the possible emerging social media leaders how utilizing Twitter & Blogging will effectively shape their futures.

Whether the #IITMAC516 (personal hashtag for Tuesday’s class) learned Oprah is the Twitter magician since she assisted in bringing in the first 10 billion tweets by 2010, or how many actually read Kim Kardashian’s tweets of wisdom- one of the points Sue wanted to hone in on:  Twitter is a tool that we all need to be utilizing for the success of our future careers.

We can throw out numbers and talk stats all day (You’re encouraged to tweet @Sue_Koch if you want to know the specifics), yet to get to the meat of this blog let’s talk about how important Blogging & Twitter are revolutionizing ways for students to find careers.

Why do you think JD Gershbein brought a Social Media expert to speak to his class? The best part is: he is showcasing true thought leaders, that live, eat, and breath their craft to share their real-time experience with college students. Sue got to explain what a hashtag is, how we can’t really MAKE anything go Viral (refer to gangam style), what social integration is, how to blog professionally & personally, what a trending topic is, and much more.

Truth is- students need to understand how social media has changed not only the way they communicate, but how they move forward in a professional setting as well. Sue shared her knowledge to these scholars with high hopes they realize the importance of Twitter and Blogging, and that they use them to their benefit moving forward.

So, what do you think? Time to send out your first tweet and/or start a blog? You know there’s relevance when a professor covers it at IIT, and other colleges have begun to teach Social Media classes as well. So, what are you waiting for? Your dream job can be just a tweet or blog away!


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Lover of social media, dancing, yoga, laughing (especially at myself), people that don't take themselves too seriously, traveling, and AMAZING food!
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3 Responses to The Social Media Evolution

  1. jdgershbein says:

    Fine job, Reyna! Thank you for the acknowledgment. I believe that social media at the academic level has a bright future and I’m honored to be a pioneer in that area.

    Let’s face it: The rules of the game have changed. Companies are hiring in that area and the skill sets (both hard and soft) that they seek have usurped many in traditional marketing. The business will go to those who can get their ideas out quicker, get the consumer talking faster and make the most favorable impression.

    • I couldn’t agree more with your last statement. You have such an amazing opportunity to share this with the younger generation, and to assist them in being one step ahead in the quest for success. Thanks again for the opportunity to sit in on your #IITMAC516 class…Haha It was time very well spent.

  2. logbennett says:

    100% Agree!!!! Social media is so very important. And I am a living testament to landing a job and starting a career because of my social media usage and networking.

    Thanks for posting!

    The Green Guerilla

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