Chicago TechWeek is here- will you be making an appearance?

The exciting week is finally here for anyone interested in the Digital/tech/media world: TechWeek! Are you asking yourself what is TechWeek? No worries, the definition verbatim from TechWeek’s site is: ” where over 10,000 people explore a 4-day innovation conference & technology expo, and over 60 partner events spanning technology, design & media, and entrepreneurship. Independent events range from exhibition areas and startup pitches to interactive design workshops and product launch parties.” Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Let me tell you since it’s first year in 2011 this conference has grown exponentially. If you take a look at the demographic of people who attended TechWeek last year- you will want to get your booty to it this year no questions asked!

2011 Demographics



2,127 Total attendees
1,506 Conference & Expo attendees
1,257 Unique companies
220 Speakers
115 Media/Analysts/Bloggers


15% 18-25
44% 26-35
26% 36-45
10% 46-55
5% 56-65
0% Older


15% < $30,000
7% $30,000-$49,000
14% $50,000-$74,999
13% $75,000-$99,999
23% $100,000-$149,000
29% $150,000+
Check out the brains on Brad…or whomever! Plus, if you took a quick gander at the income: you should have no second guesses as to why you need to mingle with the geeks.
So, will I see you there? What speakers are you looking forward to hearing from, or whom are you looking forward to crossing paths with? Leave a comment below, and let me know!

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