Sharing your news more effectively on Social Networking

We use online in many ways.  We use social networking in a million ways.  Out of all those ways,  the number 1 way people use online and social networking is for information.  Our culture loves news, even the same people who say they hate the news love it, they just prefer it in a different type of medium – enter social networking.  News has transformed and is being shared by literally everyone it is no longer just a reporter thing it is a us thing.  So how can we better share news with one another.

The most successful news is always delivered in a precise manner that enables you to quickly understand what is going on.  Though the medium has now officially changed from paper to digital, the way people digest news and the method in which it is shared has barely moved one bit.

The way you inform will either put you on top or leave you on the bottom heap of the other millions of social network users that no one cares about.  I think we will all agree no one wants to be there.  So simply put informing someone of news in a manner that is easily digested requires 4 special words.


The WHO as in who are we talking about it can be a person, place or thing.

Good example post that answer who.

“I am at the store with my friends”

“Currently working on art piece with my friend Ed.”

The WHAT usually directly involves the incident or the action, I always ask myself “WHAT IS HAPPENING”.

“I just slipped at the store on a broom.”

“My friend is so sick I feel sorry, for him”

The WHEN – this is used to give a vivid picture of the WHO and THE WHAT.  Is it night time or morning time?

“Its so dark out here right now, I can’t wait to morning so I can go on vacay.”

The WHERE is usually missed a bunch but it can be simplified but it also adds to the attractiveness of the post.
“late night hanging with my girls at the bar”

“At the doctor with a sore throat, looking to get back to work

If you answer these 4 things to the best of your ability, I assure you that you will have a credible base for news and people are a lot more likely to share and understand what you are presenting.  Now there are many different types of post the above works really well with news.  Most post obviously will not answer who, what, when, where that would be no fun.  So this article will help you improve your news post and more accurately tell your news stories with the proper detail to the world.

Good day,


Since this is a guest post- I feel inclined to add one more significant word that is often overlooked : WHY

Why is this post worthy of people’s time and engagment?

Why are you posting this in the first place? (i.e. relevance to your social media channel, strategy, contest)

Why is an overall word, so you should be thinking why in every who, what, where, when post. Every time you post that you’re at the grocery store, think about how it’s relevant to your social media community. When you post something that is time sensitive- why does that matter? If you follow the steps Villian presented to you along with this additional information: your social media news sharing should be ready to rock!

Queen B Media


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