Social Networking for the Busy Person

Finding time to do social networking definitely makes the list of the top 10 hardest things to do, especially when running business elsewhere.  It’s not that you don’t want to do it, but it is the simple matter of not enough time.  So how do we make it easier on ourselves.  We need social networking it is the new mandatory for successful communication.  The key to staying ahead of social networking is planning ahead, quality over quantity, and different post types.

Planning Ahead
For the most part failure to write a blog, tweet, or post on a social network is due to poor planning or no planning at all.  The situation usually starts with you sitting on the computer with your favorite coffee or danish and then all of a sudden your on your favorite social network creating information on the fly.

I complement you for being able to put out information on the fly- but it is far more effective to plan information a head of time.  The best part about planning information is that it takes a huge mental stress off of you to come up with info on the fly.  Here are ways you can plan ahead.

  • Write information down before hand in as much advance time as possible, a night before posting is a good rule of thumb.
  • Focus on making a posting calendar, to where you post specific things on specific days and times.

Quality over Quantity
You ever feel pressured to post a lot of information all the time, well sometimes I do.  It is a horrible feeling.  So on top of you having to come up with information on the fly you also have to produce a certain number of post.

Well, I totally disagree with the idealism that you need numerous post.   I simply don’t think it is necessary to post a million posts.  This is unnecessary pressure.  I strongly suggest posting content that matters, content with impact – instead of just anything to suffice.  Now don’t get me wrong!  Sometimes more is better.

I think the pressure to do more posts comes from the idea that your message will be lost among the pile of other posts from competition and others.  This is only partly true if you think about the posts that are being made daily; most of it is backwash.

Do yourself a favor and give your audience more credit than that.  People in general have a good idea of what good post are and which ones are bad.  So find that balance and only post what is important and what matters.

Do different types of posts
Making your life even easier, you should consider posting different types of posts.  What do I mean, you ask? Well it is important to understand that there are different types of post for instance link posts, picture posts, video posts, opinion posts, and etc. To give yourself a easier way of getting your social networking done – post different post.  This will quickly give you more arsenal to keep your social networking train going. There is about 7 billion people on this planet – never ever assume content can’t be reused or shared again.  Just because you have seen the content your audience may have never even heard of it,  so share share share . Don’t feel bad about sharing a link or a picture or an article from someone else. I promise your audience will love it.  People only care about good content, it is less important where it comes from.

I hope this article helps you find your way through social networking while dealing with limited time.  Remember not to make things harder than they already are.  Ease your stress by putting social networking at the top of your to do list.  It literally takes 5 secs to post something so just do it and get it over with you are sure to be happier in the end.

Good day,


This is a gust blog by Villian:

Villian is owner and photographer of photo/film studio and President of media house Four-Sixteen he has worked in media arts with clients such as Pepsi, WNBA, NBA, Epic records. You can find him on or


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