Social Media Experts: Do you have time to manage your OWN Social Media Channels?

Social Media Neglect

So, you’re probably wondering what this blog could possibly be about…yeah right! It’s been a whopping 2 months since my last Social Media blog, and the guilt and lack of time has finally gotten to me.

If this blog were a plant (besides a cactus) it would be dead, if my blog were a baby I’d be on my way to jail, and if it was my boyfriend he would have found a new way to wet his willy! Fortunately, none of that is a reality- unfortunately I should really start taking my own consulting advice.

So, what to do when you can barely keep your eyes open to write another sentence in your blog, or you really want to answer that tweet but if you see another #hashtag you will punch your screen? How can you handle doing another search for cool tweeps, write on another page’s wall, or formulate another post? I wanna scream sometimes..AAAAAAH!

Please, it’s time for you to speak out if you are in the social media world- how do you have time to do it all? Do you feel the same way I do sometimes, or are you perfect and you want to rub my face in it? Either way, I want to know so do me a favor and comment below (ooh that rhymed…very nice).


About Queen B Media

Lover of social media, dancing, yoga, laughing (especially at myself), people that don't take themselves too seriously, traveling, and AMAZING food!
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One Response to Social Media Experts: Do you have time to manage your OWN Social Media Channels?

  1. I totally get it! I have to many projects going and the projects that pay get don’t first. I haven’t event finished one of my own sites I started because of paid jobs. The best piece of advice I can give is when you do post, make it count.

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