Can you promise my business the world with your social media campaign?

Just think about the header- I have come across this more than ever lately with different clients. It’s not that they’re asking me that question, yet getting proposals from other social media companies who are promising their business the world…

So, what are these social media companies giving their word on: ^&$%@ number of fans each month? Well, how do you know you can gain a certain number of fans for a client? Do you know their brand or have a clue what marketing they do or have done (beyond a social media entity)? How about if they do get your company @#$@ fans..will those $%^$% fans care anything about your business or are they just means to an end of getting you ^%&% fans?

So, let’s say they promise out of those ^%$*@! fans…._____% will become clients? Well, how the heck will you give your word on that? Unless it’s your friends or family (and even they aren’t guaranteed), who the heck has to promise to like your client’s business & PURCHASE your clients products?

The fact of the matter is: you need time and analytics to study the business, build brand awareness, and implement the strategy. Social media isn’t about instant gratification, yet more about building relationships. Just as your business doesn’t grow over night, either will it’s clientele base (unless you’re giving the house away).

Be afraid, be VERY AFRAID of empty promises people use to get your business on board. Think about it; if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is! It’s not that you must utilize my services, yet please don’t disappoint me and give in to the used car salesmen!!!


About Queen B Media

Lover of social media, dancing, yoga, laughing (especially at myself), people that don't take themselves too seriously, traveling, and AMAZING food!
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