Tweet Away it’s Mashable’s Social Media Day! #SMMonkeys

Social Media Monkeys

If you are involved in Social Media at all, then you should know June 30th has been deemed the Official Social Media Day by San Jose, Las Vegas, Toronto, Dublin & more!If you would like to read more please click here!

So, what does one do on Social Media Day you ask? Well, I have started my own Twitter #hashtag for people to use: #SMMonkeys! I really want to see how many of us are really Social Media Lovers, and the total number of people that will represent and use #SMMonkeys in their tweets on this special day!

So, how are you all observing Mashable’s Social Media Day today? Thoughts, questions, ideas, concerns? I’d love to hear all of them!

Oooh, and FYI: we are making #SMMonkeys Martini’s: Tweet @DoIt4U2 & @Sue_Koch to find out the secret recipe…if you like to laugh-you’ll want to get in on this!!!! #SMMonkeys


About Queen B Media

Lover of social media, dancing, yoga, laughing (especially at myself), people that don't take themselves too seriously, traveling, and AMAZING food!
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