Celebrities… is it really them Tweeting?

So how many of you out there have replied to, mentioned, DM’d a celebrity? C’mon don’t be shy…you know you wanted to find out what Lindsey Lohan stole last, what nickname Kim Kardashian gave her new fling, or who was the latest housewife to bitch-slap someone!  So how many ever tweet back? Do you think it’s really them tweeting? Let’s have a look!

How about this one:

Devin  Hester
D_Hest23 Devin Hester
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 2 all the single moms out there you are Doin a great job keep your head up. I’ll be your Valentine Day lover today.
I love Mr. Hester on the football field, yet when it comes to the English language…. I’m going to have to go with yes he’s tweeting! Haha
What about this:
Pauly D
DJPaulyD Pauly D
To The 14 Girls Outside My House Stalking Me , Can You At Least Bring In The News paper ?? #thanks
I’m not going to lie; this doesn’t surprise me at all! just need a little more Jersey slang to complete the tweet!
Alright Mr. Lopez..
George Lopez
georgelopez George Lopez
Jessica Simpson’s fashion line expected to earn over a BILLION $! Now she can pay back everyone who saw Dukes of Hazzard http://su.pr/5o6tIq
I’m thinking they’re all Mr. Lopez’s jokes, but do you really think he takes time to Tweet them, or does he have a personal Tweet-a-lator ( I like that name better)
I just had to check this one out:
Kathy Griffin
kathygriffin Kathy Griffin
Dear Charlie Sheen, PLEASE keep calling in to the Dan Patrick show. Love, KG
I can completely see her saying this, yet wondering if she has her personal assistant to follow her around and tweet while she talks!
So, from the ones I inspected I’m thinking either someone follows them around and tweets while they eat, breathe, and shit…or celebs really do have a Twitter obsession!
What do you think? Has a celeb answered you, or do you have a celebrity you follow, and want to know if it’s truly them? Let me know! You can always
tweet me baby!!!!
Reyna Hoerdeman

Reyna Hoerdeman



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